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Our Village of Educators

Our amazing team consists of Lead Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Floating Teachers who have a passion for taking care of, educating, and loving on the children in their care. We are experts in play-based learning and feel that the development of social skills and emotional awareness are key to children's growth. Our village of educators is committed to the children and families they serve. The administrative team has classroom experience and is able to provide assistance and support to our educators. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a happy healthy environment for all.

Read what our teachers have to say about Full Heart:

Beverly Bauman

PreK Lead Teacher

Full Heart Child Care is filled with teachers who genuinely care about the children that they care for, the families that they work with, and the other teachers that they collaborate with. I have discovered my confidence and different ways in which I can shine through the support of my fellow co-workers and our director, Amanda Hellebush. When working at Full Heart you not only feel accepted into the community but also supported in the knowledge that every staff member is committed to your individual success as an educator. It truly "takes a village"  when caring for youth, but that village of caring extends to not only the families involved, but also to all the educators employed at Full Heart.

Carin Ash

Floating Teacher Assistant

The beauty and incredible blessing of my job is that I could not possibly choose one favorite memory. Every day, every hour I am showered with honest, unbridled affection from incredibly adorable little ones, who I truly love. Their words, stories, hugs, and interactions are the greatest part of my day.


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