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At Full Heart Child Care, it is our belief that every child is entitled to a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. We believe that the spiritual and emotional development of a child are just as important as the intellectual. Our teachers deliver the individualized care and support for each child that cultivates a setting in which every child can learn and love to their fullest potential. At Full Heart, we teach and practice the ideas of full acceptance for those of different races, religions, and abilities. Above all else, we are in the business of filling hearts, enriching minds, and inspiring the souls of every child in our care



Play-Based Learning

At Full Heart, children are allowed to do what they do best, play. Our play-based learning approach provides children with opportunities to engage in activities that they enjoy such as dramatic play, sensory experiences, block play, and process based art. The monthly curriculum themes allow teachers to plan meaninful experiences that enhance these areas of play and foster children's growth and learning. We believe children learn best when they are able to just have fun!

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The idea of Full Heart Child Care started back in the summer of 2016, when Ed and Mandy Gigliotti enrolled their daughter, Aliana in a local, family owned child care center next door to the building they had recently renovated to run their businesses. Mandy kept having this feeling in her heart that it needed to stay a daycare, so they spoke to the director who assured them nothing was going to change.  A couple weeks later, families were notified that the center was closing....immediately. Ed and Mandy were blessed to have the opportunity to be able to buy the property and with a couple books on Amazon and help from a former real estate client (Amanda Hellebush), were able to fully renovate and open as Full Heart Child Care in the spring of 2017!  The most important goal was to create a facility that is warm and welcoming to families, has highly qualified teachers, offers organic meals and healthy choices, and also prepares our children for kindergarten and beyond. One of Full Heart's core values is that it takes a village to raise a child and that is really what it's all about. The trust built between families and teachers is what makes it such a special place.  The staff are honored to be a part of raising each and every child. Through electronic daily reports, a focus on health, wellness, social skills, and Christian values, and a genuine investment in the education of young children, the Full Heart Community has and continues to touch so many families in the Rochester area. Over the next three years, our wait list grew to 100+ families; Mandy and Ed knew the community needed our help now more than ever. In the midst of a pandemic, construction began on the building next door to double the size of Full Heart. As can be expected, there were setbacks, long days, and A LOT of work but, it was all worth it to see our doors open for 40 new families in January of 2021. The name Full Heart was chosen because every child's heart and soul should be as full as possible and not just full in terms of knowledge, but full in terms of feeling so much love from their caretakers. 
With Full Hearts we are so grateful to serve this community,
Mandy and Ed Gigliotti


1280 Winton Rd N, Rochester, NY 14609, USA

(585) 953-5473

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