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Hear From Our Village

Find out what sets Full Heart apart from the rest from our current families!

I was a daycare skeptic going in, and we initially explored a variety of baby-care options including very creative schedules with grandparent help, at-home nannies, etc. We ended up starting at Full Heart mid-pandemic, and have never looked back. We love the teachers, room setups, exceptionally prompt communication, and thoughtful activities (including daily art projects, playground swings/slides, "water play" in the summer, and endless sensory experiences). We also just recently made the transition from Infant to Toddler rooms, and so appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into making it a gradual, smooth and incredibly positive process. Call me a convert (and most importantly, our little one loves it too). 5/5 would recommend.

Julia Sibley

I began looking for a new center for my 2 year old son when my last place closed. I looked at quite a few centers and Full Heart stood out from all the rest immediately and we started about a month ago.

The staff is highly skilled and loving and the center is clean and engaging with an ample variety of toys for all ages and all weather conditions. The food menu has me positively jealous every day at lunch and there are so many art projects coming home each week that there’s no doubt these kids are learning and having fun.

The center utilizes an app to literally give me peace of mind: message updates, pictures, potty and meal notifications. Throughout the day, Full Heart provides such a continuity of communication, I no longer have to wonder or worry. I know what my son did at school each day and can ask him all about it and really engage!

The best part about Full Heart is the amount of love you can feel. My son didn’t transition easily and was going through some pretty rough separation anxiety. They have not only helped him through it (he’s 98% better in just a few weeks) but he’s also willingly started to potty train and I feel like I have a village helping me raise my kid versus a babysitter just existing alongside.

Thank you Full Heart for welcoming my family into yours. I’m incredibly grateful for all the love and care you’ve shown my son in even such a small amount of time!

Rebecca Bello

I can’t say enough about Full Heart! When my first child started Preschool there last summer during the pandemic, I was super nervous. He spent his entire life until that point being watched by my parents or in laws while my husband and I were at work. I didn’t know what to expect putting him in the care of someone else.The teachers and staff at Full Heart were so patient with him and the transition. They constantly kept me updated through pictures and messages on an app they use.

They have a curriculum that they follow and are all about play-based learning. They do so many projects with kids and put tons of thought and effort into making parents gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

A month ago, my second child started there at 5 and a half months old. Needless to say Full Heart has come through again and provided great care, updates throughout the day and again patience with the transition to him starting daycare. Huge shout out to the team and all that you do for our two boys!!

Rachel Wightman

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